Supportive Services
Here in my spa I am able to address many of the simple skin & coat care issues that I see in some pets. I will always counsel pet owners on following a Vet regimen as well as utilizing these services to offer topical and immediate relief for pets.
Skin & Coat Care
  • Mineral & Warm Oil                    Moisture Wraps
  • Herbal Infused Skin Soaks
  • Honey & Vanilla Sugar Scrubs
  • Herbal Skin Care
  • Hot Spot Relief  Masks
  • Infused Dead Sea Mud Wraps
  • Infused Dead Sea Salt Soaks
  • Shea Butter & Oil Paw                     Wraps
  • Herbal Ear Wash
  • Thalassotherapy

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Active Dog Paw Scrubs & Soaks

& Flower Essence Therapy

Hydrossage Therapy

Massage Therapy
  • Swedish & Touch Therapy
  • Active Recovery & Canine Sport Massage
  • Acupressure
  • Deep Tissue
  • Reflexology
  • Cranialsacral
  • Energy & Aura Alignment
  • Reiki

TTouch Therapy

Flea & Tick Removal

Deskunking & Odor Removal

Handstripping, Rolling & Carding

Shed-Ex Deshedding Program

Salon & Spa Services ::

Additional Supportive Services
In line with my belief that we cannot help or heal any part of us that suffers or needs additional care without looking at ourselves as a sum of all of what works together to make us whole...
 I believe that in my salon and spa, the pets I care for should also be considered in this same light.  Often I will work with clients' Veterinarians and various Care Providers to address and help conquer some of the health issues that our pets can be affected by.  While I never diagnose or treat as a Vet would medically, I will work with Vets and other Care Providers to be sure that your pet receives all of the care they can while here for their visit.  

Additional Supportive Services for Pets & Owners

  • Nutritional & Supplement Counseling
  • Behavioral Modification Counseling
  • Pet & Owner Bonding Counseling
  • Breeder Referrals
  • Veterinarian Referrals
  • Relocation of Clients & Finding a New Groomer
  • Owner Grooming Classes
  • Day Spa Stays & Weekend ReTreats
  • Pet Loss Remembrance & Grief Counseling

The word "spa" comes from Latin and it means "health through water".  Therefor, I work hard here at Finer DeTails to give just that to every pet that visits; beneficial skin & coat care, thorough and relaxing bathing and a luxurious grooming experience that leaves them feeling fresh and happy. Most of all, after a wonderful grooming session, they leave healthier!  
Comprehensive and regular grooming contributes tremendously to a healthier lifestyle for our pets. It reduces their stress, it promotes energy, vitality, and relaxation, and regular grooming ensures that a pet is given the supportive interaction and bonding experience that comes from grooming sessions.
What's more, their visits means that they receive one of the most thorough and complete external check ups for any signs of skin, coat or superficial symptoms next to being seen by a Vet. During grooming, every inch of a pet is covered by both my hands and my tools- therefor, many times I notice issues or symptoms that go unseen in normal daily life.  And always I will recommend follow up Veterinary care in order to assure the pet's health and comfort.
I have extensively studied and teach canine skin and coat care and canine physiology, the result of which I also developed my very own all natural line of grooming products that every pet gets when they visit. 
Please click to view my very own line of Canine Spa Therapies products that are used in my salon!