Here at Finer DeTails, instead of a quick visit, you can also have your pet stay and relax the day away while they receive grooming, massage or spa care packages.  If your lucky pet will be staying the day at the spa, they will receive not only their grooming and spa care packages, but they also will receive a walk and play session, treats, and plenty of cuddle time.  
If your pet will be staying for an extended Spa ReTreat, not only will your pampered pet receive their grooming and spa services, but know that while you are away, they will be treated as part of our family.  Rest assured that they are never kept in a kennel, are always mingling around our home as one of our own pets, they are fed your specific requested diet, and given required medications as needed.  They are safely exercised and get plenty of TLC like no other boarding facility in the area.  In fact, ask my clients; many pets don't want to leave! 
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